TrueTypeFont: Simpsonfont
created originally by Jon Bernhardt. Remastered by Dennis Ludlow
Sharkshock Productions 2000 all rights reserved

Hey there Simpson fans. This font was originally named Ackbar and created in 1996 by a man
named Jon Bernhardt. I have added it in this zip file so he receives full credit. It clones the famous handwriting of
Matt Groening, father of my favorite show and longest running series, The Simpsons! I have gone back into it and
added characters that were featured
in the later well recognized logo. (not the one that comes through the clouds at the very beginning of each
episode.) My hat off to him on a job well done. Only special trick is spelling out "the" in smaller scale by pressing
the asterisk key ( * ). Once again, i DO NOT take credit for this font's creation, only it's remastering. This font as
well as all the others on my site are free for download for non-commercial use only.check out my graphic archive
at "because boring design SUCKS!"